What is the Trend in Artificial Intelligence in 2018?

Machine learning is a form of Artificial Intelligence. Companies have begun to use intelligent algorithms to help machines make more informed decisions. The possibilities of artificial intelligence are innumerable and will have a great impact in the coming days.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are predicted as game changers. In Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018, he described “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) together contribute to the gradual establishment of the Intelligent Digital Mesh.” In this article, we will talk about the ongoing trends in AI.

1. Consumers will interact more with devices

In 2017, about 20 million Amazon Alexa speakers were sold, and if we add Google and Apple devices, you can already imagine how many people are interacting with the technology.

As smart assistants integrate with our everyday devices, by the end of 2018, consumers will be more comfortable with sound-based technology.

2. Logistics is efficient

Amazon Robotics is already using a combination of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics to help large box retailers with logistics. We enter a world where the warehouse will be filled with high-efficiency robots that can work 24/7 and even without light. Technology is growing and we will see the important role of artificial intelligence in various industries.

3. Peer-to-peer network

The growth of peer-to-peer networks, as used by cryptocurrency, will help small companies manage advanced AI applications using the collective power of personal computers connected.

4. Machine learning staff will also support

While some are concerned that the AI ​​crowd will be fired, AI technology also has the ability to empower employees, especially those in the knowledge sector.

According to Kerry Christensen, Mint Solar’s Vice President of Operations, “This technology can teach service personnel to communicate more effectively with the customer. Expect artificial intelligence to be more supportive of white-collar workers in 2018 and beyond.”

5. AI in medical diagnostics

Ben Hortman, CEO of Bet Capital LLC, explained: “We are entering a time when a network of peer-to-peer computers may be able to solve some of the world’s most difficult health problems by collecting and analyzing human molecular data.”

This technology is inspired by two trends – blockchain and artificial intelligence.

What we read in the science fiction novel is now reality. Technology is evolving and changing the world economy. However, each work must benefit to some extent from ongoing technological trends.