Historical Documents

  1. 1.USS Block Island (CVE21) Loss In Action Report - 20 November 1944

        CVE21 Loss_In_Action_Report_Cover.jpg (jpg format)

        CVE21_Loss_In_Action_Report.pdf (pdf format)

        CVE21_Damage_Plate_1.jpg (jpg format)

        CVE21_Damage_Plate_2.jpg (jpg format)

        [Source: U.S. Navy Sea Systems Command]

  1. 2.Tracking Chart of Task Group (USS Block Island) Pursuit of U-801

        U-801_Pursuit_by_Task_Group_21-16.jpg (jpg format)

       [Source: National Archives]

  1. 3.Air Raid Pearl Harbor Message by Logan Ramsey - 7 December 1941

        Air_Raid_Pearl_Harbor.jpg (jpg format)

       [Source: Unknown]

  1. 4.Tracking Charts of Task Group(USS Block Island) - 29 May 1944

        USS_Elmore_Tracking_Chart.jpg (jpg format)

        CVE21_Tracking_Chart_2.jpg (jpg format)

        CVE21_Tracking_Chart_3.jpg (jpg format)

       [Source: National Archives]

  1. 5.Report on U-1059 Combat Action - 20 March 1944

        U-1059 Report pg1.jpg (jpg format)

        U-1059 Report pg2.jpg(jpg format)

      [Source: National Archives]

  1. 6.Memories of 29 May 1944 by J. J. Browne, Radioman CVE 21

        BrowneCVE21Memory.pdf (pdf format)

        [Source: Family of J. J. Browne]

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