In Memoriam

In Memoriam

On 19 Mar 1944 during the third CVE 21 USS Block Island combat cruise the following casualties occurred when a TBF took anti-aircraft fire from submarine U-1059 and crashed.

        Lt. (jg) Norman T. Dowty, pilot, [Navy Cross]

        Edgar W. Burton, ARM 1/c, radioman

When the CVE 21 USS Block Island was torpedoed six men were lost.  The demise of these shipmates depressed everyone although each man was thankful that the casualties in so great a disaster were so few:

       James Oneal Franks, COX, USNR

        James Peter Kibash, MM3c, USNR

        Peter Tych, S1c, USN-1

        Henry Alfred Meyer, EM2c, USNR

        James Byrell Owen, AMM1C, USNR

        John J. Schlinker, S1c, USNR

Six fighting planes were in the air at the time their carrier was destroyed.  Having nowhere to land, they flew to the nearest islands.  Only two of the planes made successful landings although when setting their planes down on Portugal possessions, they knew the reception would not be cordial.  They were rescued as soon as possible by planes from Casablanca.  To the four aviators of the “Fighting Block Island” who were lost, we make a final salute:

        Lt. Robert P. Buell, USNR

        Lt. (jg) Julian L. Pitts, USNR

        Lt. (jg) Robert W. Wyatt, USNR

        Ensign Robert E. Innis, USNR

Fifteen other men were injured and taken to the U.S. Naval Base Hospital at Casablanca, where they recovered and most of them returned to active duty.

The DE 576 USS Barr  was damaged by a torpedo in the same action.  As a result of this damage the following 17 crew members lost their lives:


James Adams

Carl Bennett

Meredeth Brady

Carl Burdett

Robert Cook

Thomas Ellis

Michael Gorchyca

Gordon Haynes

David Jenkins

Clyde Johnson

Phillips Marion

Leland McCabe

William Roddy

James Rouse

James Simmons, Jr.

Jessie Strong

Thomas Williams

Other CVE 21 deaths during World War II included:

            LCDR Clyde Hopkins McCroskey - killed during a night carrier landing off of Norfolk, VA

During the Pacific Ocean air activities, flying from the deck of CVE 106, the following US Marine Corps pilots and aircrew personnel lost their lives:



Sgt. Joseph L Butehorn, USMCR

S/Sgt. Ben Davis Cannon, USMC

2nd Lt. Raymond DeLaughder, pilot, USMC

Sgt. Edward Gunning, USMCR

2nd Lt. Douglas Herrin ,pilot, USMCR

Sgt. Gunter Hunrichs, USMCR

2nd Lt. Jack Marconi ,pilot, USMCR

T/Sgt. James Miles, USMC

Sgt. Felix Pawlowski, USMCR

PFC Eugene Shute, USMCR

S/Sgt. Joe Survoy, USMC

Major Robert Vaupell ,pilot, USMC


2nd Lt. Goldberg, pilot, USMCR

2nd Lt. Robert Haire ,pilot, USMC

Lt. Harold Harmer ,pilot, USMCR

2nd Lt. Charles Harris ,pilot, USMCR

2nd Lt. Albert Jones, pilot, USMCR

Major Robert Maze, pilot, USMC


PFC Joseph Cordova, USMC

T/Sgt. John D. Sykes, Jr., USMC

Unfortunately, many of our shipmates have passed away since the end of WWII and Korea. At this time the Association wishes to list on the website only those shipmates who were lost while serving on the two carriers and the destroyer escorts. If you have any corrections or additions, please contact the Association.


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