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Welcome to the USS Block Island Association web site. The Association is dedicated to perpetuating the history of the many sailors, aircrews, marines, and pilots who served aboard the two escort carriers and supporting destroyers who fought for freedom in World War II and Korea.

If you are new to this website begin your journey by visiting the history pages for CVE 21 and CVE 106. Don’t forget to view the many memories and stories from actual crew members. The Dedication page describes the purposes of this USS Block Island Association website.

The Story of Two Block Island Escort Carriers is a unique one in U.S. Navy history. Welcome aboard.


The Story of Two Block Island Escort Carriers

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Message from the USS Block Island Assn:

eNews From the Editor - CHIPS (newsletter)

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all members of the USS Block Island Association, we would personally like to welcome you to our website.  It was established to preserve the history of the USS Block Island escort carriers, supporting destroyers, and the many shipmates, Marines, and air crews who proudly served our country. It is our hope that both the current generation and future generations will better understand the great dedication of these personnel. You will find many photos, historical documents, and personal stories as you explore our website.

  1. USS Block Island, CVE-21                             USS Block Island CVE-106

  2. ( sunk 5/29/44 by a German U-Boat )

                    Navy Squadron VC-6, VC-25                              Navy VS-22 (Korea)

                    Navy Squadron VC-55                                        Navy VS-30 (Korea)

                    Navy Squadron VC-58                                        Marine VMTB-233

                    USS Ahrens, DE 575                                          Marine Carrier Service

                    USS Barr, DE 576                                                    Detachment #1

                    USS Buckley, DE 51                                           Marine Carrier

                    USS E. E. Elmore, DE 686                                       Division 27

                    USS Paine, DE 578                                            Marine VMF 511

                    USS Bronstein, DE 189

Board of Directors

USS Block Island Assn.


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