iPods with a different name are not the same

Do you ever want a Coke when you just want a soft drink? Do you call the generic tissue Kleenex? Have you ever asked someone to copy something for you even though your copier is not made by Xerox? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Such synecdochic language is common when a brand name becomes so ubiquitous that it becomes almost a generic term; it’s a curse of success.
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Today, we see the same phenomena happening in the world of MP3 players and Apple’s hugely successful iPod. MP3 players of all makes and models are often referred to as iPods, although in many cases they are not. Such generalizations not only blur the lines between manufacturers, but the different models of original Apple iPods also become confusing. With three models on the market, the iPod or iPod video as it is sometimes called, the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle; Apple’s current iPod offering provides consumers with choices to fit their needs and budget.
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The smallest and cheapest of the iPods is the iPod shuffle. At a size that’s slightly larger than your thumb, iPod shuffle is the ultimate in truly portable music. With the included clip, it can be attached to your clothes, hat or just about anywhere. With one gigabyte (GB) of memory, it can hold up to 240 songs that shuffle to give you a new music experience whenever you want.
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While shuffle provides a lot of power for some people, others may want the ability to store more music and have more control over the songs they’ve downloaded to their iPods. iPod nano can hold up to 8 GB of data; this means that up to 2000 songs can be stored, ready to be played at any time. Using simple and innovative touch controls, nano can help you select songs you want to hear or shuffle songs if you like. Games, podcasts, audiobooks, photos, contact lists and even your calendar with a schedule can be at your fingertips with nano; average price and feature options among the current crop of iPods.
The iPod is the largest and most powerful of all iPods. At four inches long and two and a half inches wide, it’s hardly large by most standards, but the extra size it has compared to other iPods gives it the ability to not only play music, but to play videos and movies as well. 80GB of memory lets you store up to 20,000 songs, so you have plenty of room to download movies and TV shows in addition to all the features you find on the nano.
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iPods demonstrated the flexibility in size, price and features, all in the easy-to-use format that made Apple products so popular. No wonder they have become synonymous with all MP3 players. That being said, it’s hard not to conclude that iPods by any other name aren’t iPods, even if everyone calls them that.
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