iPod Nano 4GB Silver – Apple wins again

Apple Inc. has launched its latest portable media player iPod Nano 4GB Silver following the success of the iPod. The first generation of the mid-range model of the iPod family was introduced in 2005. This latest media player from Apple uses flash memory like its iPod Shuffle predecessor, but with a miniaturized version of the display screen and click wheel. Since its introduction, this model has been updated twice by the company. It is the use of flash memory that makes this model different from the iPod Classic.

The new Apple iPod Nano 4GB Silver is comfortable with iTunes on Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. This latest version of the iPod connects to the computer via its own docking station connector in the same way as the third and fourth generation iPods. iPod nano took just nine months to develop. Available in a choice of two colors black and white, this media player also has 4GB of memory that can store 1000 songs. The new Apple iPod nano 4GB Silver is supported by general purpose integrated circuits. This latest Apple model weighs 50% less than its successor. There was great enthusiasm in the market at the time of Silver’s launch. The positive response led to big sales that worked wonders. Apple Inc. was able to reap big profits selling this iPod.

Along with this media player, Apple has also released some accessories that include wristbands and silicone “tubes”. These accessories protect the media player from scratches. The combination cord-headphone accessory that hangs around the neck avoids the tangling of the headphone cables. Although this Apple media player uses the same connection as Apple’s FireWire iPod cable, it does not support syncing over a FireWire connection. Silver has a stopwatch and multi-time zone watch function. It also has a click wheel feature that will lock the iPod when not in use and protect the calendar and contact. There have been minor criticisms against this model. But they settled within days and sales soared, setting new records.

Source by Alden Jerry