FHI Heat vs. CHI Flat Irons

Although it is one of the last competitors of CHI and many others that were

dominating the hair styling tool market for over a decade, FHI has managed to

surpasses them all. Farouk CHI has been producing for nearly a decade

but FHI managed to conquer and establish a foothold in the market beating everyone

the chances due to superior technological research, integration and embedding of its own

products with state-of-the-art safety features and innovative techniques.

CHI and FHI products are similar in that they both produce different plate sizes

and hair dryers, but tools manufactured by FHI are suitable for power equipment

all budgets and tastes. From professional stylists to home users, everyone is

part of FHI due to rare defects and standardization of superior quality.

With the recently launched EURO version of flat irons and another range of

products, not only in America, but also hairdressers and beauty experts in Milan and

Paris admires the elegant ergonomic design, instant rewarming and safety

processing functions. Styling made easy and fast thanks to FHI Heat Inc.

an initiative to produce high-quality gadgets and styling tools. Over the years,

mass production with low quality standards and poorer production controls

wholesale to cheap retail chains has lowered the quality of CHI flat irons.

Offered prices and discounts in cheap drugstores and large retail chains

has enhanced the quality of CHI products and is not effective for regular use or

rough handling for a long time.

Most of FHI’s products have Nano Fuzeion technology and are enhanced with

crushed tourmaline crystals. Tourmaline-enhanced hair styling tools have 20

times more negative ion power than ordinary ceramic plates. It is the tourmaline

a natural crystal that softens, moisturizes and seals the hair cuticles by straightening

your hair healthier and shinier. Tourmaline-enhanced flat irons aid in the making

hairstyles fixed longer, prevents frizz and hot spots while maintaining even heating

on the ceramic panels.

CHI flat irons are integrated with pure ceramic plates that really deliver

away from negative ions, but in a much smaller amount, as on tourmaline improved flat

irons. The FHI series of hair styling tools are much better in terms of technology

price ranges is at par or lower than CHI. FHI has more power and technology

packaged in sleek flat irons and other hair styling tools.

However, the CHI irons use less power – 25 watts compared to the FHI which has

power consumption of 58 watts. Also, Farooq CHI is the only one

company that manufactures 10-foot tangle-free styling cords and FHI provides only

9 foot swivel ropes. But if you still have to choose between the two, would you give 1

foot cable and slightly more power consumption make you choose between quality and

the health of your hair?

The decision is entirely yours, after all, who has anything against shiny, clean and fresh

hair after every use of a hair styler?

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Source by Selene Marin