Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck Review – Bring out the kid in you!

During special occasions, a gift for your children is very rewarding, if they like it, they will jump for joy and play with it all day and ignore the parents. But I must say that gifting a one-of-a-kind toy like Matchbox Rocky Truck will definitely bring extreme happiness not only to your child but also to you. This fun matchbox toy is sure to spark fun and excitement as kids and adults alike love to play and have fun. This happened to me when I bought one as a gift for my son’s 5th birthday. I never thought I would enjoy playing with my son’s toy, but this one is very different. So here is my matchbox rocky the robot truck review.

Unlike all other matchbox toys, the matchbox truck is very responsive. The moment you make some noise, this truck will do some fun dance moves as well as some dumping tricks. It also has the ability to utter different phrases or jokes with just a touch of the red button. The Rocky truck from Matchbox will even unload any item kids place on the truck loader. The moment no one is playing with Matchbox Truck, it will go into sleep mode and even snore. However, both children and adults will attract the attention of the truck if they load some objects on it or if they push or pull the truck.

Other things I like about this wonderful Matchbox truck is that it is made of durable and strong plastic, which makes this toy extremely ready to carry a heavy load. The price of this toy will never disappoint you. As you saw in the TV commercial, he does all the tricks and moves that are talked about in the commercial. Like most matchbox trucks, Rocky also has an attractive yellow color, making the matchbox truck a favorite toy not only for kids but also for big boys.

Source by Kelly Rose