Golden Secrets Review

A friend asked me to check out a gold earning system at gold-secrets. My first thought was, “Oh man! Not another WOW guide…”

Let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier that I decided to check it out anyway.

For those of you who don’t know, gold in World of Warcraft is much more significant than it ever was in yesterday’s RPGs.

From that low-level character struggling to put together a decent base kit to a seasoned veteran trying to get that Epic Flying Mount, everyone who plays World of Warcraft needs gold.

In old RPGs, your only choice if you needed gold was to find a recurring encounter that was easily winnable and farm it over and over. Even World of Warcraft has some of this, but with the incredible size of the world, it’s more important than any other game to know exactly where to find those “easy” encounters. Also, with the added danger of PVP play, you have to constantly be looking over your shoulder in case there’s a level 27 Rogue just waiting to pop out of the wooden structure and eat your level 10 Hunter for lunch, so that having a “secret” place to farm super important.

One of the great things about the gold secrets guide is that it gives you strategies to get the most out of the auction house. This is one of the things that sets World of Warcraft apart in terms of realism. In old RPGs, you collected things and brought them to programmed merchants. Your options were pretty much accept their prices or get nothing. The auction house allows you to profit from other players who are looking for a specific item that you happen to have. The flip side of this coin is that knowing all the techniques in the gold secrets guide allows you to have extra gold to buy that extremely rare, mouth-watering item. If you just need a certain rare item to give you the perfect kit, having all the extra gold allows you to make offers to other players that they just can’t refuse for the item.

Source by Arturas Gotceitas