Face Cream Reviews – 7 Things You Should Know

Let’s face it… with all the skin care companies vying for your attention, it’s hard to know which products are worth your money and time. It is especially difficult to find good face creams because the skin on our face is so sensitive and we have to be very careful about what we put on it. When reviewing a face cream, we can narrow down our choices based on a group of important factors. Here are 7 things you need to know before you review face creams and choose your product of choice.

  1. Read customer testimonials and avoid reading face cream reviews written by companies. You should only take advertising offers with a grain of salt. Customers who have tried and tested the products are the best sources.
  2. When reviewing a face cream, remember that a high price is no guarantee that the product is good. You may be surprised to find that there are good products at reasonable prices because little money is spent on advertising and marketing and definitely not because quality is sacrificed. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
  3. Educate yourself on the best active ingredients for face creams before doing face cream reviews. Some important and effective natural ingredients to look out for include functional keratin, coenzyme Q10 in nanoemulsion form, and wakame.
  4. When reviewing a face cream, compare the percentages of active ingredients that these different products contain. Aim for products that consist of at least 50% active ingredients.
  5. Exclude products containing SPF factors from your face cream reviews. SPF factors will not help prevent skin cancer. The ingredients they consist of have actually been linked to cancer in research.
  6. Only include products that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics in your face cream review. By signing this contract, companies promise not to use harmful chemical ingredients in their skin care products.
  7. Want your face cream to not only hydrate your skin, but also reverse the signs of aging? Only include products in your face cream review that combat the three main causes of aging, which are loss of hyaluronic acid, free radical damage, and loss of collagen and elastin.

Do yourself a favor and do your face cream reviews with all of the above in mind. Ignore the glossy images advertising mediocre face creams in the big magazines and take a moment to think about what really matters. It won’t take you long to realize that there are good face creams out there that are natural and effective; you just have to do your homework before you can find them.

Source by Maricha Jordan