Things to know and questions to ask when replacing your windshield

Seeing the cracked windshield really hurts any driver. The next question is whether it needs to be replaced or can be repaired. It is best to take the car, if possible, to professionals; they will take a look and give the right advice.

Types of damage

The windshield is also called “safety glass”. This glass is designed to ensure that in the event of an impact with an object, the windshield will crack or break into smaller pieces rather than large, dangerous pieces.

  • Cracks- a crack may start out small but grow larger over time. The crack can be taped to prevent it from growing. But this is temporary, it is best to replace/repair the glass.
  • Chips- A chip in the windshield occurs when each impact breaks a certain part of the glass layer. It is usually the seed that later leads to a crack. Many times on inspection the professionals say it can be repaired. But if it’s deep enough, a replacement is necessary.

When should the windshield be replaced?

In some cases, it is obvious that the windshield needs to be replaced. But when there is a small crack or chip, it can become difficult to judge whether a replacement is necessary. Cases in which replacement is necessary are:

  • When there are three or more cracks in the windshield because too many cracks reduce the windshield’s ability to withstand impacts.

  • If there is any damage on the driver’s side of the glass, because the repair leaves marks. And these marks can make the windshield weak, so it is best to replace the protective glass.

  • If any windshield crack is more than 14 inches.

  • The windshield has two panes of glass and there is a plastic lamination between them. Replacement is required if the inner layer becomes discolored.

Things to check with the replacement company

Once it has been determined that the windshield requires replacement, check a few things with the replacement company before proceeding.

Certified and trained technicians

The first thing to check is that the technician is certified and has the proper training for windshield replacement and installation. And the certificate is not a company certificate, but an individual certificate proving their training.

Experience in using the glue

The adhesive is the tool used during the replacement that ensures the windshield stays in place. Adhesive manufacturers always recommend that their product be used by a technician who is trained to use it. Manufacturers provide training courses for technicians. Thus, it is another certificate for the client to verify.

How long until it’s safe to drive

Before replacing your windshield, ask the technicians how long it will take until the glass hardens and is safe to drive. This way, one will know when to include the repair in their schedule. But make sure the glue is properly cured before driving.

Material of correct standard

In addition to checking the technician’s skills, make sure the materials and new glass meet the correct motor vehicle safety standards. It must be of suitable transparency and have the property to withstand impact.

Warranty policy

The guarantee is for the quality of the company’s work. In case of air or water leakage, the customer can ask the company to correct the error within the warranty period.

Source by Shalini M