Ford Fiesta review

The Ford Fiesta has been well received in the Indian market and for good reason. Unlike the awkwardly designed New Honda City and Hyundai Verna, this Ford’s proportional yet conservative design appealed to most of our owner reviewers and didn’t turn a single one down. The raised design of the front end is impressive, especially that of the headlights. Fiestas, however, can use larger wheels; The 14 rims (standard options) look awfully small for the big fenders. Build quality is typically European and solid, but long-term reviews show it has its share of gray areas in part quality and inconsistency between panels. Our ownership reviews show that the interior is well put together and offers plenty of practicality, with the right ergonomics and plenty of storage space. A large number of parts are from the Mondeo/Fusion product boxes. However, for a car at this price, rear seat space is tight, while the backrest is positioned too upright for comfort.

Ford offers two engine options in India: a 1.6 100 BHP for the enthusiasts and a super efficient diesel. Owners claim that both engines have a high rating for refinement. The 1.6 is nimble and a true delight for enthusiastic drivers. Power delivery is smooth and linear, with the engine developing an addictive raspy note at higher revs. Its 0 – 100 time is among the fastest in the segment. Owners were pleased with its urban drivability as well as highway performance. The same praise came from Fiesta owners for the 68bhp 1.4-litre diesel, which with its high fuel efficiency and lack of turbo lag has become the most popular choice. This engine is super economical and has enough power for city trips. However, it lacks good top-end power and is best suited for safe highway driving.

The 1.4 diesel really gets out of breath in overtaking maneuvers and on stretches of gut. Owners liked the slick gearbox, but found the clutch a little heavier than that of the Japanese and Korean competition. Our reviewers also applaud the ride quality, which offers a comfortable ride on most types of roads. Even on bad sections, the shock absorbers are acceptably absorbent. Handling and direct handling are very driver-oriented, with the chassis displaying superb balance. Fiesta buyers enjoyed pushing the sedan through fast corners, thanks to the high levels of grip and predictable manners on offer. Our reviewers unanimously agreed that stopping power needs improvement. It also lacks feel. The ABS option is a big plus and most owners chose and recommend this upgrade.

In mid-2008, Ford launched the 1.6S, a sporty variant of the petrol Fiesta. The 1.6S is one of the few Indian sedans that is aimed at the enthusiast and is a blast to drive. A racing blue option, body skirts, 15-inch 5-spoke mild alloy wheels, 195 tires and a trunk spoiler give it a stunning profile. The seats come with extra bolstering and funky double stitching, but are a little too soft for long-haul comfort. The engine runs in the same condition and produces 100 BHP. A stiffer suspension leads to an overall better level of handling. Owners report that cornering is sharper, traction levels are good, while body roll is better controlled. The flip side of a stiffer suspension is a stiffer ride. The 1.6 S is significantly firmer for its occupants than the standard variants, especially on bumpy roads.

Source by Caroll Giles