Paraben Free Skin Care – Are there really paraben free skin care products and where can you find them?

Paraben-free skin care products and wrinkle control ranges are in high demand these days. There are various reasons why women are increasingly opting for paraben-free skin care products over conventional super-expensive branded cosmetics.

One of the main reasons is that awareness levels of the harmful side effects of synthetic ingredients are quite high, and another factor is that women have finally gotten it into their heads that extremely high-priced cosmetics are not necessarily the best of the best. the market and not always the best things for their skin.

What’s all the fuss about parabens?

This is a class of chemicals that are used in almost all types of cosmetics as preservatives. Just check the ingredient label on the carton of your moisturizer or cream and you’ll find the names methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, butyl paraben and other similar types written under the preservative segment.

They also serve many different purposes, but their main function is to act as fungicidal agents and bacteriological agents. This means that as preservatives their main function is to work against fungi and bacteria.

They are also extremely cheap, which is the main reason why cosmetic companies like to use parabens as preservatives, and they are also found in a wide range of products such as pharmaceuticals, toothpastes, shaving gels, shampoos, conditioners, skin care and personal care products.

But after the scandal surrounding parabens and paraben-free skin care products, apparently these cosmetic giants are trying to claim that parabens are safe and have been used for decades, but these claims are now being challenged.

Why are parabens dangerous?

Parabens disrupt the normal functioning of the body’s endocrine system, lead to skin rashes, allergic reactions, itching and skin irritation, and are also carcinogenic in nature. Medical research and clinical studies have concluded that there is a direct link between breast cancer and parabens.

You see, in 18 out of 20 breast cancer patients that were examined, doctors found parabens in the breast tissue. The conclusion is that parabens maximize the proliferation of breast cancer cells and reduce the weight of the uterus after long and continuous use over the years.

Parabens have also been found to negatively affect the hormonal balance in the body. Another cause for concern is that our blood and skin directly and easily absorb parabens, and these parabens are found directly in the bloodstream very soon after.

Butyl parabens reduce sperm count and methyl parabens increase damage caused by UV rays.

You should always settle for paraben free skin care products that are 100% organic and enriched with active super ingredients like phytessence wakame, cynergy TK, CO enzyme Q 10, nano lipobelle, manuka honey, resveratrol, collagen, elastin and super antioxidants, vegetable glycerol, papaya extracts, vitamins, calcium, minerals, tomato extracts and more.

Source by Tawanfa Farikan