How to choose the right belt

If you look in the mirror and the image you see does not completely satisfy you, and after further and careful analysis of your body you think that you are generally quite pretty, there are always some details in your figure that do not suit you “; then it’s time to solve it with the help of a belt.

The market offers a variety of body control harnesses and garments designed with different materials, colors and innovative features. This variety comes at a price, but it meets the shaping and styling needs that have been analyzed and classified in women and men.

The Colombian brand Co’Coon, a world leader and well known for its research and development of belts, models and control garments, using the latest technology, gives you some recommendations to buy correctly and get your belt with surprising results.

There are two main variables to consider when buying a belt:

1. The material

2. The area of ​​the body to be corrected

1. The material: Check the label to see the material they are made of, as each shaper has different elongation and compression characteristics.

– Comfort above all: If this is your first time using a belt, it is recommended to start with one of the seamless lines with medium compression, developed with a unique combination of lycra and nylon microfiber, for maximum softness and comfort.

– Define the abdomen: If you need to remove localized fat in the abdominal area, we recommend that you use a shaper with thermal advantages, one that has a latex band in the abdominal area and an inner cotton lining to absorb excess sweat. This advantage can be obtained in four different lines: Light, Thermoslim Seamless, Powertech and Extreme.

– Strong control with maximum comfort: If you want a garment with high compression, but want it to be soft to the touch and easy to use, then you really need to wear a belt from the Powertech line. This line provides exceptional mesh fabric in addition to the latex action of Rubberflex, which provides high shaping with reasonable compression.

– Maximum control: If you like to feel the pressure of strong control that usually contours and reduces 1 to 3 sizes instantly, then your best alternative is the shapers made with powernet. This strong short stretch mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe, making it ideal for post-operative cases. These shapers also have long lasting qualities with posture correcting features. You can find them in the Powernet, Power-Med and Extreme lines.

– Convenient with skin benefits: If you are always looking for products with added benefits, then a skin care line is the best option. These belts contour and enhance your figure with comfort and softness, plus the fabric is impregnated with nanocapsules such as seaweed, vitamin E, oats and milk and caffeine to provide skin benefits such as hydration, toning, nutrition, elasticity and localized reduction of the fats. Co’Coon also has the capsules in spray form to refill the stylers and continue these benefits while you own and wear the styler.

– No more cellulite: The reduction of cellulite without exhausting exercises and traditional diet is now possible with the help of belts and controlled clothes with the biocrystal technology. A big advantage is that the biocrystals or crystallized minerals are attached to the garment and are always present, providing benefits for the lifetime of the belt. And the best part is that they work!

Due to the variations in the contours and shapes of each woman’s body, not to forget the specific desired effect, Co’Coon designs various alternatives to shapers as described here. In general, girdles can be classified according to three types of intensity: low control for those who only need to improve their figure, half control to reduce sagging and high control to significantly reduce centimeters from their bodies.

2. The area of ​​the body to be adjusted: Knowing the desired level of compression, the next step is to decide on the correct shaper design. In general, women should target the area(s) of the body that they do not like and want to conceal, contour or reduce while looking in the mirror. With this in mind, Co’Coon recommends:

– To give a better shape to the torso, belts with medium/high back coverage should be used, they may or may not cover the chest, but should compress the waist and abdomen. Body belts or traditional ones are best to use. They are usually designed as a shirt with a belt under the bust and are available with or without straps (strapless). Some are designed as high-rise panties and corset-style belts. The biggest advantage is the bodies. They are intended for outdoor use and, depending on the design, work as a blouse or a top. Bodysuits are easy to combine with your current wardrobe to create a complete fashion outfit.

– For the lower body, shapers are designed as panties, shorts, capris and pants to trim the waist, tighten the tummy, reduce the size of the hips, shape the thighs and improve the overall shape of the legs.

– If you need to change the contours of your body, you can use a full body girdle (long or short), which reduces the size of the waist while slimming the abdomen, lower and middle back, hips and legs. Such girdles usually have a high level of compression and are recommended for use after surgery or after childbirth. They include butt-lifting benefits and just by wearing them, one can reduce one to three sizes.

– To enhance the silhouette comfortably, waist dresses are a great option, they come in both strapless and strappy, lift the bust, shape the thigh, mid and low tummy, reduce the size of the waist, back and sides while naturally enhancing the hips .

Apart from the advantages already mentioned, today’s body shapers also have the quality of correcting the posture, providing an elegant visual appearance while portraying an attractive and captivating youthful look. With the right dress and shoes, you can even look taller. For permanent benefits, we recommend daily use of these garments.

Source by Katerine De Jesus Castaneda