Best and Worst Seats at Dodger Stadium: A Quick Guide for Fans - The Stadiums Guide (2024)

When visiting Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the experience can be significantly impacted by the choice of seating. Fans naturally want to have the best view of the game, and some seats provide more comfort, better views, and additional perks along with them. In this article, we will delve into some of the best and worst seats available at Dodger Stadium, helping attendees make an informed decision for their next game.

For those searching for an exceptional experience at Dodger Stadium, there are premium options that offer superb views and exclusive benefits. From the Dugout Club’s close proximity to the field to the Baseline Club’s extra-wide seats and all-inclusive amenities, discerning fans have a variety of choices to cater to their preferences. However, not all seats at Dodger Stadium are created equal, and it’s essential to be aware of less desirable options as well.

While many different seating areas provide enjoyable experiences, some seats at Dodger Stadium may leave spectators less than thrilled. Although price can be an indication of the quality of the view, it doesn’t always guarantee an optimal experience. In the following sections, we will further discuss the specific best and worst seats at Dodger Stadium, ensuring that you can make the most of your day at the ballpark.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Seats at Dodger Stadium
    • Dugout Club
    • Field Level
    • Loge Level
  • Worst Seats at Dodger Stadium
    • Reserved Level Corners
    • Top Deck
    • Obstructed Views
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Seat
    • Budget Considerations
    • Accessibility Requirements
    • Game Time and Weather Factors
    • Catching Home Run Balls
  • Conclusion

Best Seats at Dodger Stadium

Dugout Club

The Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium offers a fantastic experience for baseball fans. These premium seats are situated behind home plate and the dugouts, particularly in the ODD numbered sections (down the third base line near the Dodgers dugout) such as Field Box VIP/MVP, Sections 1-25, and Infield Box 27-39. They provide a close-up view of the action and an unparalleled atmosphere.

Field Level

Field Level seats at Dodger Stadium are also highly recommended. Located behind the backstop and around the infield, these seats provide great vantage points and a comfortable experience. While most of the seats on this level offer excellent views, the best ones can be found in the Field Box sections.

  • Field Box VIP/MVP: Sections 1-25
  • Infield Box: Sections 27-39 (odd numbered sections)

Loge Level

For those who can’t secure tickets in Field Level sections, the Loge Level is another great option. The Loge MVP sections 101-136 are popular among Dodgers fans for their clear sightlines and comfortable seating. These seats provide an elevated view of the field and surroundings, perfect for taking in all the action on the field.

To summarize, here are the best seating areas at Dodger Stadium:

  • Dugout Club: Field Box VIP/MVP (Sections 1-25) & Infield Box (Sections 27-39, odd numbered)
  • Field Level: Field Box sections
  • Loge Level: Loge MVP sections 101-136

By choosing the right seats at Dodger Stadium, fans can enjoy an immersive and memorable baseball experience.

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Worst Seats at Dodger Stadium

Reserved Level Corners

Reserved Level Corners at Dodger Stadium are typically considered among the least desirable places to sit. These seats are higher up in the stadium and farther from the action on the field. Although they still offer a view of the entire field, their distance can make it challenging to follow the game closely.

Top Deck

Top Deck seats are located at the highest level of Dodger Stadium, and while they may offer an elevated perspective of the game, they are also very far away from the action. Fans might find it difficult to see specific players, track the ball, or experience the electrifying atmosphere commonly associated with live baseball games. While these seats may be more affordable, they are not ideal for those who wish to have an immersive game experience.

Obstructed Views

Some seats at Dodger Stadium may have obstructed views due to the stadium’s structure or other design elements. These obstructed view seats are understandably frustrating for fans, as they can block critical parts of the field or even the scoreboard, leaving attendees straining to see the action or missing out entirely. When choosing seats, it’s essential to research any potential obstructions and avoid these seating areas if possible.

In conclusion, Dodger Stadium offers a range of seating options that cater to various budgets and preferences. However, the Reserved Level Corners, Top Deck, and seats with obstructed views should be avoided for the best possible experience.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Seat

Budget Considerations

When selecting seats at Dodger Stadium, consider how much you’re willing to spend. Premium options like the Lexus Dugout Club and Baseline Club (sections BL 26 through BL 45) offer high-end experiences but can be costly. For more budget-friendly options, consider the left and right field pavilion, loge level, reserve level, or top deck.

In addition, the Home Run Seats in front of the right and left field bleachers provide a great chance to catch a home run ball.

Accessibility Requirements

For fans with accessibility needs, it’s important to choose seats that accommodate those requirements. Dodger Stadium offers accessible seating throughout the venue, including wheelchair-accessible locations and companion seats. Be sure to contact the stadium directly for assistance in choosing appropriate seats that meet specific accessibility needs.

Game Time and Weather Factors

Consider the time of day and weather when choosing seats. If a game is scheduled during the daytime, opt for seats in shaded areas to protect yourself from the sun’s heat, especially during the summer months.

Seat numbers at Dodger Stadium run from right-to-left, with the lowest number seats (typically seat 1) on the far right of each section. If you’re seated on the third base side (odd-numbered sections) or in suites 201-233 (Club 229-261), you’ll have a better chance of staying shaded during day games.

Catching Home Run Balls

For those seeking an exciting opportunity to catch a home run ball, there are specific sections with the highest concentration of home run ball catches:

  • Home Run Seats: In front of the right and left field bleachers, these seats are available in two rows of seating
  • Outfield Bleachers: Rows A-H in Sections 301, 303, 305, and 307 offer the highest likelihood of catching home run balls

Remember to be aware of the game while in these seats and stay alert for any incoming balls. With these tips in mind, selecting the right seat at Dodger Stadium can help make your experience a memorable one.

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In summary, Dodger Stadium offers a variety of seating options for fans to enjoy the game. The best seats are often found in the field and loge levels, providing both comfort and exceptional views. The back half of the Loge level, in particular, offers shaded seats to keep fans protected from the sun. The upper deck at the Reserve Level also provides shaded seating.

On the other hand, the worst seats at Dodger Stadium tend to be the nosebleeds and certain left and right field reserve foul pole seats, which provide far from ideal views. However, it’s worth noting that some fans may not mind these sections, as ticket prices for these areas are typically more affordable.

When choosing seats at Dodger Stadium, visitors should consider factors such as their budget, preference for shade, and desired views of the action. Ultimately, finding the perfect seat comes down to individual preferences and priorities, ensuring that a day spent at the iconic Los Angeles venue is an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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Best and Worst Seats at Dodger Stadium: A Quick Guide for Fans - The Stadiums Guide (2024)


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