Chicago Results: July 6, 2024 (NASCAR Xfinity Series) - Racing News (2024)

NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers are on the grid in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Street Course is set to host The Loop 110.

View Chicago results for the NASCAR Xfinity Series below.

Shane van Gisbergen and Kyle Larson set the front row. 50 laps of street racing are up next…

Chicago Xfinity
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 15 (1-15 / 50)

Green flag, van Gisbergen is clear into turn one. Larson dives inside into turn two but he can’t complete the pass. Larson tries it again and he clears him. Shane van Gisbergen dives inside of Larson into turn six, van Gisbergen returns to the lead!

Lap 3, Larson dives inside once more but he can’t complete the pass. Larson moves another dive into turn four under braking, Larson clears him and takes the lead away.

Lap 6, Larson locks up into turn 12 and van Gisbergen has a run. Shane van Gisbergen returns to the lead into turn one.

Chandler Smith heads to the pit lane with a blown engine, no caution.

Lap 8, caution for debris.

Green, Larson has a look on the inside into turn one. Van Gisbergen crosses under him to retake the spot. Larson looks outside and the rub doors into turn four! Larson takes the lead into turn six.

Lap 13, Riley Herbst runs Sheldon Creed wide and into the wall. Creed locks onto his rear bumper and spins him around in the next corner. No caution, both cars have damage. Justin Allgaier spins while trying to head for the pit lane.

Final lap in stage one, van Gisbergen run side by side into turn 6. van Gisbergen completes the pass into turn 7.

Shane van Gisbergen wins stage one in Chicago!

Chicago Results (Stage 1) : 1. Shane van Gisbergen; 2. Kyle Larson; 3. Ty Gibbs; 4. Connor Mosack; 5. Cole Custer; 6. AJ Allmendinger; 7. Jesse Love; 8. Austin Hill; 9. Sam Mayer; 10. Parker Kligerman;

Chicago Xfinity
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 15 (16-30 / 50)

Green flag on stage two, Larson clears van Gisbergen in turn one. AJ Allmendinger takes over 3rd behind them.

Lap 23, AJ Allmendinger is in the tire barrier after cooking the braking zone while running 3rd, caution.

Most of the leaders head for the pit lane. Sammy Smith and Austin Hill take over the front row as Larson restarts 17th.

Green, they run side by side into turn one, Hill wins the race into turn one.

Lap 27, Larson has cracked the top as he’s climbing back to the front on new tires. Shane van Gisbergen is in tow running 11th.

2 to go in stage two, van Gisbergen takes 10th away from Larson!

Austin Hill drives away to win stage two in Chicago! Cole Custer spins in the final corner behind him.

Chicago Results (Stage 2) : 1. Austin Hill; 2. Sammy Smith; 3. Jesse Love; 4. Justin Allgaier; 5. Sheldon Creed; 6. Ty Gibbs; 7. Parker Kligerman; 8. Sam Mayer; 9. John Hunter Nemechek; 10. Shane van Gisbergen

Chicago Xfinity
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 20 (31-50 / 50)

Green flag on stage three, Love wins the battle for the lead in turn two. Ty Gibbs follows him through to take 2nd away.

Lap 36, deeper in the field, six cars stack up under braking. Multiple cars pick up heavy damage, caution.

Green, Love leads out of turn one. Brandon Jones is around behind them, no caution. Preston Pardus is stalled in turn 12, caution.

8 to go

Green with 8 to go, Love leads as Gibbs takes over 2nd.

7 to go, Love leads with Gibbs all over his bumper. Shane van Gisbergen is climbing his way to the front as he’s running 3rd.

Svan Gisbergen tages the inside wall into turn 12 and Sam Mayer gets into his bumper! van Gisbergen brushes the wall and picks up light damage.

6 to go, Leland Honeyman picks up a flat tire before turn one and he’s trapped in the tire barrier, caution.

Green, Love leads as van Gisbergen takes 2nd away from Gibbs under braking into turn one. Love throws a block on van Gisbergen but he can’t hold him off. van Gisbergen to the lead with 3 to go. Ty Gibbs follows him through to take 2nd away.

Shane van Gisbergen wins on the Chicago Street Course!

Chicago Street Course
Race Results
July 6, 2024
NASCAR Xfinity Series

Pos | Driver

1. Shane van Gisbergen

2. Ty Gibbs

3. Kyle Larson

4. Parker Kligerman

5. Jesse Love

6. Connor Mosack

7. Austin Hill

8. Joey Logano

9. Justin Allgaier

10. Austin Green

11. AJ Allmendinger

12. Josh Williams

13. Sammy Smith

14. Kyle Weatherman

15. Jeb Burton

16. Ryan Sieg

17. Brandon Jones

18. Cole Custer

19. Sam Mayer

20. Brennan Poole

21. Ryan Ellis

22. Kyle Sieg

23. Matt DiBenedetto

24. Blaine Perkins

25. John Hunter Nemechek

26. Sheldon Creed

27. Daniel Suarez

28. Riley Herbst

29. Alex Labbe

30. Anthony Alfredo

31. Leland Honeyman

32. Preston Pardus

33. Sage Karam

34. Parker Retzlaff

35. Andre Castro

36. Josh Bilicki

37. Jeremy Clements

38. Chandler Smith

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Wins | Points

1. Shane van Gisbergen
3 Wins | 17PP

2. Chandler Smith
2 Wins | 15PP

3. Justin Allgaier
1 Win | 15PP

4. Austin Hill
2 Wins | 13PP

5. Sam Mayer
2 Wins | 11PP

6. Jesse Love
1 Win | 9PP

7. Cole Custer

8. Riley Herbst

9. AJ Allmendinger

10. Sheldon Creed

11. Parker Kligerman

12. Sammy Smith

— Playoff Cutline —

13. Ryan Sieg

14. Brandon Jones

15. Anthony Alfredo

16. Breann Poole

Chicago Street Course
Video Highlights



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Chicago Results: July 6, 2024 (NASCAR Xfinity Series) - Racing News (2024)


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